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Azure Cloud Tester B-level

Embark on a journey as an Azure Cloud Tester, where your expertise is not just valued, it's pivotal. Join the vibrant and diverse team, brimming with enthusiasm and a collective drive to deliver end-to-end solutions that resonate with a wide array of stakeholders. Your significant experience and knowledge are the catalysts that will elevate the team's proficiency to new heights.

You and your job
In this dynamic role, you will not only flex your technical muscles but also your mentorship skills, coaching peers and fostering a collaborative spirit. As an integral team player, you're no stranger to the rhythms of a scrum team, and your substantial insights into the scrum process will be instrumental in the DevOps environment.

Customer Focus isn't just a phrase for us; it's a commitment to engage, understand, and anticipate the needs of our users, ensuring their business systems thrive. You'll be at the forefront, steering conversations, and delving into the heart of the customers' desires and challenges. With every action, you'll prioritize their interests, consistently seeking out opportunities to enhance their value and optimize the service delivery.
Seize the opportunity to make an impact where your role transcends testingyou'll be shaping experiences and driving innovation.

Top responsibilities

You bring your wide experience and knowledge to the team and contribute to increasing the maturity of the team.
As a member of the squad you are responsible for testing all features as agreed up during the planning of a sprint.
As a member of the squad you are responsible for maintaining the application(s) the squad is responsible for, keeping it running, improving it, keeping it compliant and secure
Together we achieve more than alone
You would be working in Credit Core which is positioned within the Risk & Finance Tech domain, responsible for the banks backbone IT systems for the Risk and Finance business functions. The Credit Core domain is responsible for the running and change processes for the applications which support the core process in which financial products are classified, managed, reported, and handled.

Technical expertise:
2-4 years experience in testing c
Knowledge of and experience with white-box and black-box testing of C# applications (pref. .Net Framework or higher);
Knowledge of and experience with testing Single Page Applications
Knowledge of and experience with various levels of manual and automated testing.
Experience in Smoke, System, Regression, Sanity, E2E Chain Testing
Different chain integration (E2E) testing experience in a complex system environment.
Experience with Azure pipelines, Git & Confluence
Experience with integration, contract-based, and acceptance testing
Experience with API testing (Postman or similar), service virtualization, and testing microservices
Experience in Test Automation Framework development
Experience with tools like Selenium, Cucumber/Specflow, and Cypress.
You know your way with .Net, C#, etc
Experience with Rest Assured API testing;
You have experience in, testing subsystems by creating your stubs, driver, and test data.
Working with TDD/BDD, contract-based testing;
CI/CD experience
Practitioner knowledge of general IT risks and controls
Experience with Audit, Compliance, and Operational Risk processes

What we are looking for in you:

Communication and Leadership: Exhibit excellence in communication, critical thinking, and assertiveness, with a proactive stance on responsibility and decision-making as a Test Engineer.
Agile and Continuous Improvement: Actively seek and implement technical and performance improvements, maintaining rigorous automation and documentation standards within an Agile setting.
Collaboration and Mentorship: Engage in collaborative brainstorming and strategy development with both team members and external stakeholders, coupled with a strong willingness to mentor and disseminate expertise.
Comprehensive Testing Acumen: Possess a versatile testing skill set that includes Smoke, System, Regression, Sanity, Performance, Integration, Acceptance, and Chain testing methodologies.
Advanced Technical Skills: Apply 3-5 years of experience in testing, with a particular emphasis on Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), and Contract-Based Testing.
Development and Operations Integration: Expertise in CI/CD practices, utilizing Azure DevOps, Git, and Confluence, ensuring seamless integration and continuous delivery.
Strategic Problem-Solving: Lead complex end-to-end (E2E) testing in intricate system environments, offering creative solutions and maintaining a macro perspective on product quality.
Technical Mastery and Compliance: Combine deep knowledge of SQL, Microsoft Azure, and .NET/C# with practical experience in IT risk management, audit, compliance, and operational risk processes.

Job Start

december 2023




40 hrs