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"Integration DevOps Engineer IAM

The Senior Front-End DevOps Engineer uses expert knowledge to advise, design, build, maintain, and/or improve the front for the authentication services. In addition, you independently analyze, design, and manage one or more specific digital environments.

You and the assignment
Identity & Access Management (IAM) enables & ensures that employees who require access to buildings, data, and applications receive the ability to gain secure access in a user-friendly way. As IAM enables employees who work for the bank to gain access to the assets they need access to IAM is considered a critical service. Your role is formed around the ability to authenticate as an employee. Authentication is the ability to prove who you claim to be. If you can prove that you are who you claim to be evaluation is done whether you can access an application or other asset. Currently, the team is busy modernizing the processes to gain access to a new or updated authentication solution based on self-service. Your job as an integration developer is building integrations that are the bridge between the front and backed workflow environment of the portal where new employees can gain their new authentication solution, and existing employees' role over their authentication solution. Next to this support is needed to re-enroll in case of a defective authentication solution or forgotten password after a good vacation. You will be strengthening the Authentication squad, as an integration DevOps Engineer who will be responsible for helping design, build, and maintain the authentication portal. You and your work will be exposed to all global bank employees who will use this portal. In your daily job, you will work closely together with a Front-end engineer who makes the internet-facing portal.

The team has been working on the development and implementation of the updated authentication solution for workplaces and applications used by the team. This is a unique opportunity to combine your technical skills with working at the forefront of this new portal. With your experience in internet-facing and internal portals, you contribute to securing the front door of the bank. With your agile mindset and a can-do mentality, you're able to design and build the authentication portal from the ground up, starting with a Minimal Viable Product so that you and your squad can deliver a short-term scalable product, that you can beautify and perfectionate every iteration.

The team you will be part of consists of 5-7 DevOps engineers. You will be working in a team of techies who are all willing to help each other out. Together we take responsibility for the full lifecycle, from idea to implementation, and up to the operation. You are a DevOps Engineer with a strong affinity for the technical aspects of this job. The team works Scrum/Agile and you get all the space you need to try out new things.
Continuous improvement is self-evident to you and you dare to be critical of the current working method and tooling. You are a go-getter who prefers to work in a team. You stand for high-quality products and everything that goes with them. This makes you a versatile member of the team.

Your experience:

  • Experience with Azure Logic Apps
  • Experience with Power Platform
  • Experience with API development, Kafka pipelines, and automation
  • Experience with AWS integration
  • Experience with Azure integration
  • Experience decoupling and auto-scaling
  • Experience with network technology techniques"

Job Start

november 2023




40 hrs