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You & your job
You can easily talk to both engineers, architects, and Tech leads to find the best solutions in the market. You know your way around topics like mitigating non-functional requirements, performance engineering, and contract testing, or how to create a way to easily migrate squads into Azure DevOps and decommission legacy tools, to name a few examples. And most importantly, you want to co-create your products with the engineers who use them.

Get results:
• Co-create with thousands of engineers to make state-of-the-art technological services
• Optimize the current processes around Adherence related topics
• Sell the benefits of standardized solutions
• Find new opportunities to automate cumbersome processes away
• Make sure that teams that want to work in a different way get to provide input as well
• Deliver the finest engineering services the developers could want

Top 3 responsibilities
• Create a vision for your products
• Align with Architecture and make intelligent decisions together with them to get the best-structured services
• Align with the squad's Scrum Master and your team to make them as successful as possible

You work in an Area called Tech4DEV, together with 8 other Product Owners, Tech Leads, Solution Architects, and over 80 developers where they facilitate the engineers to increase their efficiency and pleasure in working towards their goals.

Together the team achieves more than alone
“With the growing ambition of this bank and the importance of fast IT delivery, it is important that you facilitate the Engineer as much as possible and make their journey as smooth as possible.”

Within E&E Tech (Engineering and Enterprise Tech) the team works with SCRUM and agile methods. They strongly believe this makes its own development journey better. The most important Product Owner stances for this role are “The Influencer” and “The Customer Representative”, as you will be part of the engineering community and represent them and hopefully steer them in the right direction. You must have a proven track record with SCRUM and Agile.

You and your talent
• + 4 years of product owner experience and PSPOI and preferably PSPOII certification.
• Experienced with Developer’s needs.
• Focus on system adoption and success (outcomes), rather than technical deliverables (outputs).
• Proactive approach in improving solutions, embracing challenges.
• Organizational skills, create structure and purpose.
• Ability to present convincing value propositions.

Job Start

januari 2024




40 hrs