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For one of our clients in Utrecht, we are looking for a Road manager Accessibility:

You have the power to execute, driven by social motivation to contribute to an inclusive society. You know, that these days, payment services are a utility and an inclusive society starts with ensuring access to everyone to those essential services in daily life. You have the motivation to go the extra mile to ensure such a society!

At this moment 1 in 6 Dutch persons are unable to independently participate in the financial system. Next to the obligation they have to their identity, it’s a growth opportunity to be more impactful in Dutch society and commercial aspects. And at last, legislation is coming mid 2025. The European Accessibility Act (mid-2025) forces us to step up the game.

You & your job

As road manager, you will help the team execute the improvements that they need to make according to the guidelines for digital accessibility (WCAG).

The top 3 responsibilities:

  1. Improve the banking digital accessibility rollout strategy
  • Ensure clarity in the goals. Get/ensure commitment on the right level and cascade it down to the teams that have to do the work;
  • Set up a good structure to plan and monitor the program;
  • Set up the approach, taking into account; responsibilities, architecture, dependencies, the interest of stakeholders, etc;
  1. Ensure the right approach.
  • Transparency and insights, so squads and management have clarity on results and risks;
  • Understand WoW; Simplify@Scale and play the game according to existing rules. Use the regular governance and rituals as much as possible. Only introduce new ones if the existing ones are not sufficient to reach the goals;
  • Do not do the work your self. Ensure responsibility is with the owners.
  1. Go the extra mile to reach and induce 120 teams over 10 tribes
  • Be the ‘pain in the b#t’, push hard and escalate if needed;
  • Be the nanny chasing if work has been planned, chasing if an escalation is done, chasing if milestones are met, etc;
  • Communicate a lot! To all levels, but also connect especially often directly with the teams that need to do the work.

Get results

  • The first 2 waves of the digital accessibility strategy are implemented at least for the top 40 journeys on Banking Online (consumers), Bank’s Business Banking (business), and Global Sites (public websites);
  • A successful rollout of generic features; dark mode, zoom, landscape, and accessible PDF;
  • The accessibility complaint dashboard is monitored and new issues are embedded in the implementation strategy towards mid-2025.

You and your talent

  • + 5 years of project management experience;
  • Experience with User Experience development, and accessibility legislation knowledge is a pre;
  • Understanding of technical setup of frontend development;
  • Focus on system adoption and success (outcomes), rather than technical deliverables (outputs);
  • Proactive approach in improving solutions, embracing challenges;
  • Organizational skills, create structure and purpose;
  • Convincing attitude, and change management skills.


Job Start

mei 2024




36 hrs


Data Visualization

Project Management

Stakeholders Management

Team Leader